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Reputation of IIK Bhakta

Our experience as an educational institution has been running for more than 33 years. This experience has indicated that IIK Bhakti Wiyata has a good reputation and is trusted by the community in producing professional health workers. What are the best actions IIK BW has made to become a campus in good standing? Check out the following in full.

Actively collaborating with international and national institutions

In an effort to improve the quality of education and produce professional and qualified health workers, IIK Bhakti Wiyata actively cooperates with various international and national institutions. One of the most recent collaborations is the visit of the Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (YUTCM) from China to IIK BW in August 2019. The visit is a form of strengthening the collaboration that has been made by the two parties, namely sending IIK BW students to study at YUTCM. There are now 6 students studying at YUTCM on a scholarship from IIK BW. (read related news on this page)

This scholarship to study abroad is not only at YUTCM, IIK BW also facilitates scholarships to Baoshan College (China). These two types of scholarship is a scholarship to study TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or at IIK BW included in the D4 study program of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In addition, IIK BW recently visited the European continent in July to August 2019. The agenda included Espoo City and a visit to Aalto University in Finland. Then, the visit continued to Sweden, precisely in Stockholm to establish cooperation with the Supertext Company. Finally, a series of visits to the European continent ended with a visit to the Russian campus of RUDN University, Tomsk State University, and Shenzhen MSU-BIT University to sign the MoU.

Previously IIK BW had collaborated with several international campuses including: Khon Kaen University (Thailand), Dongseo University (Korea), Taipei Medical University (Taiwan), and the Department of Health Government of Timor Leste . With these collaborations, IIK BW is committed to continue improving its quality and become a campus that can compete globally. (read related news on this page)

International collaboration

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In an effort to improve the quality of education and produce professional and qualified health workers, IIK Bhakti Wiyata also build up a cooperation with several agencies in the field of graduate recruitment. Companies that have partnered with IIK BW also actively participate in the IIK BW Job Fair event which is routinely held annually. In these activities, walk interviews and psychological tests are often held.


Cooperation in Recruitment of Graduates

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In addition, to improve the quality of students 'skills and competencies in the internship programs, IIK BW has cooperated with several well-known agencies so that students' skills and competencies can be well forged and practiced directly to the community.


Cooperation in the Internship Programs

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Actively Conducting Community Service and Product Innovation

As an effort to realize one of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely community service, IIK Bhakti Wiyata also has its own institution, the Research and Community Service Center. This institution becomes an umbrella for IIK BW in carrying out social activities such as students’ internship programs, research, and health counseling in villages, social services, blood donation, and free health check. Read related article:

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Another form of community service was manifested by the students of IIK BW in a series of Community Service Work (Community Services) activities. A variety of economically valuable creative products were successfully made by IIK BW students along with local residents during the Community Service Program, including spicy snacks, pasta crackers, toga jam, vegetable sticks, Bontong (Abon ontong), Godang Syrup (Godong Gedang), Getong (Nugget Ontong ), and many others. After completing the Community Service Program, the students always hold a seminar to present the Community Service Program results (including innovation products that have been made). This innovation product that has been made is expected to be able to increase the income of the surrounding community to be more creative in making something that has economic value and is healthy. Read related article:

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The latest form of community sevices undertaken by IIK BW involves a collaboration between the Faculty of Dentistry and Public Health Office of Kediri city. This program is called Kampung Senyum. Kampung senyum is a form of health commitment to improve an access and a quality of society to health services in Kediri city. The collaboration between IIK BW and Public Health Office of Kediri was carried out by conducting a free dental check-up of 400 houses in three villages in Kediri, namely the Pocanan sub-district, Mrican sub-district in Mojoroto, and Ngletih Sub-district in Pesantren. This activity took place from 15-21 September 2019. (Check out the full news here)

To improve the quality of learning, IIK BW also has adequate and modern practice tools, including 90 dental units and 4 x-ray units located at RSGM (IIK BW Dental Hospital), High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Spectrophotometer to support practices in the Instrument Laboratory, Eliza Reader to support the results of examinations of all kinds of diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV which is located in the Serology Laboratory, Hematology Analizer for complete blood tests in the Hematology Laboratory, as well as other sophisticated physiotherapy tools. Hopefully with a variety of service activities and other forms of improving the quality of education can make better reputation of IIK BW as a campus in producing professional health workers.

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