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Information on Employee Class (RPL)

Institut Ilmu Kesehatan Bhakti Wiyata makes it easy for those of you who want to study through the Employee Class (RPL & Progsus). The Employee Class, which stands for Recognition of Past Learning, is an academic equalization program from education that has taken it previously and proven by a diploma to obtain higher education qualifications in IIK Bhakta. The Employee Class is an implementation to increase the number of educated and skilled health workers with a faster learning duration. This course also provides a great opportunity for those of you who already have work experience so that they can continue their education to a higher level. The learning system also uses Semester Credit Units (SKS) in practical and theoretical courses.


Advantages and Benefits that you will get if you join the Employee Class IIK Bhakta :

Graduated Faster

With a total of courses obtained through academic equivalence, students can complete lectures in a short time even 50% faster than students who take the regular route. For example, if there are students who graduate from D3 Medical Laboratory Technology (D3 TLM) who want to register for the D4 TLM Employee Class and from the previous transcript there are already recognized courses, students only need to take other courses, the rest, where it only takes 2 semesters / 1 year of study to complete.

Save Money

Costs to be incurred with the courses taken on average are 50% of the regular courses. The shorter period of lectures will also reduce the amount of DP3 fees so that the total price of Employee Class is more affordable than regular lectures.

Special Cooperation Offers for Partner Hospitals

Get a DP3 discount of up to 50% with a maximum discount of IDR 4,000,000 for each employee from the Cooperation Hospital with a minimum quota of 10 registrants.


My agency is interested collaboration


Study programs offered by the Employee Class (RPL) at IIK Bhakta, including:

1. D4 Medical Laboratory Technology

Requirements: Graduates of D3 TLM/ D3 Health Analyst/ D3 Medical Analyst (proven by diploma)

Accept Fresh Graduates

Study Time: 1 year


2. D4 Traditional Chinese Medicine

Requirement: Graduated from a Bachelor's/Diploma-3/Diploma-4 program in the field of healthcare (proven by a diploma) and/or have a minimum of 3 years of work experience in traditional medicine.

Study Duration: 1-2 years based on the results of a written assessment and interview as well as the conversion of grades from previous formal and non-formal education.


3. D3 Pharmacy

Requirements: SMF graduate, not Pharmacy Vocational High School and have worked for at least 5 years

Study Time: 1 years


4. D3 Medical Records & Health Information

Requirements: Graduated from secondary education or Diploma 1 in Health and has been carrying out professional work in Health Service Facilities for at least 5 years.

Study Time: 1 years

5. Bachelor of Public Health

Requirements: D3 graduate in the field of health (proven by a diploma)

Accept Fresh Graduates

Study Time: 2 years (4 semesters)

6. Bachelor Nursing

Requirements: D3 Nursing graduate (proven by diploma)

Accept Fresh Graduates

Study Time: 1-2 years depending on the conversion results from previous formal and non-formal/informal education

7. Bachelor Nutrition

Requirements: D3 Nutrition graduate
Study Time: 2 years

To be eligible to register on this pathway, students must meet the following registration requirements:

     Photocopy of Study Program Accreditation at least B

     Copies of diplomas

     Copy of transcript

     Photocopy of ID card

     Photocopy of parent's ID card

     Copy of Family Card

     5 Sheets of color photo size 4x6

Information about Fees can be found through this page: Tuition Fees

Information about Employee Class Registration can contact on WhatsApp 0857 1717 1735



Information of Employee Class (Special Course) 

This course is opened for several study programs at IIK Bhakti Wiyata and is intended for high school/vocational high school graduates with skills and has proven by a diploma to continue studying while working with flexible and adjusted lecture times.

Lectures will carry out if the MINIMUM QUOTA is FILLED. They will get to know regarding quota info updates by the registration officer. Lectures will be conducted using a blended learning system, namely the concept of face-to-face meetings and virtual classrooms (online/online).

Online: Monday - Saturday (The schedule will be determined later)

Face to face: Friday-Saturday (Morning-Afternoon)


Here are the Study Programs that open the Empolyee Class (Special Program):

1. D3 Pharmacy

Graduates of the D3 Pharmacy study program were prepared to have practical skills that are able to enter the working world. One of them is in health service institutions to mix drugs to provide drug information

Requirements: Graduate of Pharmacy Vocational School (proven by diploma)

Study Time: 3 years (6 semesters)


2. D3 Medical Laboratory Technology

The D3 Medical Laboratory Technology Study Program which is known as the D3 Health Analyst at IIK Bhakti Wiyata educates prospective Health Analysts who are professional, ready to use in the world of work with knowledge, skills, and superior personalities. D3 TLM IIK Bhakti Wiyata graduates are prepared to face regional, national, and international challenges.

Requirements: TLM SMK graduate (proven by diploma)

Accept Fresh Graduates

Study Time: 3 years (6 semesters)


3. D3 Pharmacy & Food Analysis

Anafarma D3 graduates are in great demand in agencies engaged in drug and food products. The number of Anafarma D3 study programs in Indonesia is still limited, while the demands for Anafarma staff are large, so job opportunities are wide open.

Requirements: Graduates of Pharmacy Vocational High School / TLM Vocational School (proven by diploma)

Study Time: 3 years (6 semesters)


Employee Class enrollment requirements:

    Photocopy of 1st semester to 4th-semester report cards

    Copy of diploma (for those who have passed) or Certificate of Graduation (SKL)

    Photocopy of ID card

    Photocopy of parent's ID card

    Copy of Family Card

    Five sheets of Color photo size 4x6

Information about Fees can be found through this page: Tuition Fees

Employee Class Registration Information can contact on WhatsApp 0857 1717 1735


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