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Rector's Speech

Prof. Dr. apt. Muhamad Zainuddin - Rektor IIK Bhakta

Prof. Dr. apt. Muhamad Zainuddin

Rector of Institut Ilmu Kesehatan Bhakti Wiyata Kediri

Welcome to the Bhakti Wiyata Institute of Health Sciences (also known as IIK Bhakta). We are very committed to our vision, which is to become a superior institute, competitive at the national and international level, uphold human dignity, have a national perspective, and play a role in encouraging sustainable development in the fields of science and health. IIK Bhakta has received an award from MURI as the first Institute of Health Sciences in Indonesia, ranked 2nd as the best institute of LLDIKTI Region VII East Java and succeeded in obtaining a silver award in the category of Higher Education Organizations in the event of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) Award 2021 “16th National Quality Award of Indonesia. These various achievements, thanks to an efficient and effective modern management oriented towards achieving goals based on a quality assurance system and integrated information system management by upholding the PLUS culture (Prime in service, Noble in character, Superior in work, and Prosperous in living together) which according to the strategic plan (strategic plan) and statutes of excellence in work.

IIK Bhakta organizes academic, professional and vocational education consisting of four faculties with 21 study programs, including S1-Professional Dentistry, S1-Nursing Profession (Ners), S1-Midwifery Profession, S1-Professional Pharmacist, S1 Public Health, S1 Nutrition, D4 Traditional Chinese Medicine, D4 ​​Medical Laboratory Technology, D3 Dental Engineering, D3 Pharmacy, D3 Pharmacy and Food Analyst, D3 Medical Laboratory Technology, D3 Physiotherapy, D3 Midwifery, D3 Medical Records & Health Information, S1 Hospital Administration. All of these study programs are quality health education levels that will deliver your bright future.

We will try our best to make our students reliable and professional health workers by providing the latest health knowledge, skills and personal maturity that will become provisions in carrying out their profession in the community. Curriculum adapted to the times and supported by adequate infrastructure. To train students' skills, we have prepared various laboratories, Dental & Oral Hospital (RSGM IIK), Women & Children Mini Hospital, Dental Simulator, Adipadma Library, and other best facilities, while for Field Work Practices (PKL) collaborations have been established with various government and private agencies, factories, health centers, hospitals, pharmacies and others.

Entrust your future to us, IIK Bhakta.