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In ThIs Unit of Student Activity, students are able to develop their talent  and study more deeply about  the step patterns, gymnastics, movements of pencak silat being taught by the coach from the Unit of Student Activity. You can train the students’ mentality , physical condition, and their faith which go along with the goal of National Development, that is, create a wolly Indonesian man who is spiritually and physically healthy and keeps the spirit of the Five Principles.


Description .
This Unit of Student activity was firstly established in 2007. This Unit of Student Activity includes  self defence training  for  physical, mental , spiritual and art  lesson.

The Self Defence materials include:

  1. Physical training
  2. Technical training
  3. The general knowledge of  spiritual and mental training

To join with this Unit of Student Activity, just come directly to the location of training on the scheduled time, and then you are obliged to follow  the training routinely

jadwal ukm IIK

Tuesday and Friday

04.00 - 09.30pm

sekretariat ukm IIK
Adipadma Yard / RSGM
kontak ukm IIK

Doni Dwi Setyawan 
Chairman Unit of Student Activity  Persatuan Setia Hati Teratai (PSHT) 2019-2020

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