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D4 Traditional Chinese Medicine

Header Info D4 Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is becoming a trend today. People began to believe in and try Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is believed to have extraordinary benefits in the process of healing the body from diseases.

D4 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) IIK BW is the only TCM study program in East Java. We became the pioneers of the TCM study program because we saw the mass interest of the need of TCM graduates. To create graduates of the highest quality, we have collaborated with a well-known university in China, namely Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We also have the best lecturers who have high competence, expertise and professionalism. In addition, the TCM study program has been equipped with adequate laboratory facilities and equipment. All of this support makes the TCM study program settle in producing reliable and professional graduates.

Achievement of D4 Traditional Chinese Medicine