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S1 Pharmacy

Header Info S1 Pharmacy


Main Competencies:

  1. To be able to identify  problems related to medicines and their alternative solutions. .
  2. To be able to make service of pharmaceutical supply  according to the procedure..
  3. To be able to prepare or blend the pharmaceutical supply according to the procedure..
  4. To  be able to apply the pharmaceutical science and technology in the production and quality guarantee on the pharmaceutical supply..
  5. To be able to find, prepare, and give information about medicine and medication.
  6. To be able to communicate and create interpersonal relationship.
  7. To be able to apply the leadership and managerial principles.
  8. To be able to act responsibly based on provision of  laws and the pharmaceutical ethics.
  9. To show the mastery of Science and Technlogy ( IPTEK), the ability of research  and self development.


Supporting Competencies:

  1. To be able to analyze active compound in helbal ingredients.
  2. To have the ability to apply pharmaceutical science, industrial pharmacy, and use science and Technology  in using herbal ingredients.
  3. To have the ability to control the stability of helbal supplies and  its storage conditions..
  4. To communicate efficiently and effectively..
  5. To explain, master, and apply  the science of anatomy, physiology and the processes of immunology and  pathology
  6. To be able to promote the use of herbal ingredients.


Other Competencies:

  1. To have the ability to review scientific publication, to summarize, tointerpret data and draw conclusion, and take a practical advantage of a finding  in relation to theclinical use of pharmaceutical supply.
  2. To have the ability to act responsibly in the community surrounding and participate in community service.
  3. To expain, develop,and apply  various kinds of managerial efforts  which are needed in entrepreneurship.