Beware of Fraud on behalf of IIK BW and SMKKBW

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Beware of Fraud on behalf of IIK BW and SMKKBW

9 Feb 2021 16:23 by Rizki Aprilia

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Hello, IIK Bhakti Wiyata academics and SMK Kesehatan Bhakti Wiyata. Responding to the rampant fraud from irresponsible individuals on behalf of IIK Bhakti Wiyata and SMK Kesehatan Bhakti Wiyata, we hereby appeal to all student guardians, prospective students, prospective students and internal parties of IIK BW and other SMKKBW to be more careful when getting Short message or communicate with suspicious persons, please ignore the message and confirm via our official contact: Registration office: 0354 - 773535 ext. 01 IG: @iikbhaktiwiyata / @smkbhaktiwiyata FB: Institute of Health Sciences Bhakti Wiyata Kediri / IIK Bhakti Wiyata SMK Website: WA: admin registration: 0857-1717-1735 You can also check yourself: Scholarship information on the official website Financial Information & Bills by contacting the SPP staff of each Study Program and BAK (Financial Administration Bureau of the Bhakti Wiyata Foundation). Contact WA BAK: 0822-4417-7384 All payments for education at IIK Bhakti Wiyata and SMK Kesehatan Bhakti Wiyata are only through OCBC & BCA virtual accounts. You can also send questions, messages and other input through the application "Lapor IIK" by downloading via: Appstore and Google Playstore. Let's get to know the fraud modes that often occur today, so you don't get caught in this mode. Send SMS, call or send letters to potential victims. Lure potential victims with scholarships, facilities, funds, and good grades. He argued that he would send funds, asked for the account number of a potential victim. Asking potential victims to go to an ATM to check incoming funds. He argued that time was urgent, asking potential victims to immediately follow the fraudsters' instructions. Asking the potential victim to press ATM buttons according to instructions from the fraudster (even though this attempt was made to drain the contents of the potential victim's account). The lure of assisting the student / student registration process or purchasing a uniform outside of the procedure The mode of inviting potential victims to participate in competitions, seminars, symposiums, etc. Instructing victims to make payments in accounts other than OCBC or BCA Virtual Accounts owned by IIK Bhakti Wiyata / SMK Kesehatan Bhakti Wiyata. Yayasan Bhakti Wiyata is not responsible for the parties that were harmed in connection with the fraud that occurred. Please be careful in providing personal information such as account numbers, telephone numbers or cellular / mobile phones and other confidential information. Let's spread this appeal so that all parties can be more careful.


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