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Testimonial 1

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Name:Ria indah kusuma pitaloka, M.Farm
Graduation Year:2014
Work Experience:UNUGIRI Bojonegoro
Work Position:Lecturer and Head of the Pharmacy Technology Laboratory at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Pharmacy Program, UNUGIRI Bojonegoro.

During my studies at IIK Bhakta, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience ranging from classroom teaching activities, internships, community service programs, industrial visits, seminars, workshops, all supported by complete facilities and professional instructors in their fields. I am proud to be an IIK Bhakta alumni because it has enabled me to compete in the professional and cultured world of work. Thanks to the experience and knowledge from IIK Bhakta, I am now working as a lecturer and head of the pharmacy technology laboratory at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Pharmacy Program, UNUGIRI Bojonegoro.

Testimonial 2

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Name:apt, Umul Farida, M. Farm
Graduation Year:2007
Work Experience:RSGM IIK Bhakta (Dental Clinic & Oral Hospital)
Work Position:Pharmacy Lecturer and Pharmacist

The impressions during my study at IIK Bhakta were truly enjoyable. Many caring lecturers were attentive to students, so whenever there was any material I didnt understand, it would be explained in detail until it became easy to grasp. For juniors, dont be afraid to ask questions when youre unclear or dont understand a certain lecture material, and dont be lazy to keep updating your knowledge. Study all the knowledge acquired well, so that it can be applied in the community. Keep the spirit to achieve success together with IIK Bhakta.

Testimonial 3

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Name:apt. Binti Muzayyanah, M.Farm.Klin.
Graduation Year:2007
Work Experience:RSUD dr. Iskak Tulungagung
Work Position:Head of Pharmacy Installation

Entering IIK Bhakta initially was driven by the desire to develop oneself. After being a TTK for a long time, I felt challenged to broaden and deepen my knowledge in pharmacy. At the beginning of my education, many doubted because of my age, which was no longer young. Armed with a strong desire to be an example for my children, I pursued my undergraduate degree with enthusiasm (although I stumbled in basic courses), but it didnt diminish my determination. I rarely missed classes and always sat in the front row, which was key to absorbing the knowledge imparted. Alhamdulillah, I finally proved that age is not a barrier to education. I graduated on time and became the top graduate for the class of 2007. Wherever we seek knowledge, the one who can prove our capability is ourselves. The educational institution plays a significant supportive role, and the lecturers are our guides to success. Stay motivated to be someone beneficial to others.