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D4 Medical Laboratory Technology

Header Info D4 Medical Laboratory Technology

Testimonial 1

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Name:Lidya Natalia Herawanti Sarira, S.ST., M.Imun
Graduation Year:2011
Work Experience:ASN Kementerian Kesehatan (Poltekkes Kemenkes Maluku)
Work Position:Staf

Happy & proud to be part of the D4 TLM IIK-Bw Study Program. Desire to become skilled and skilled laboratory personnel. Very competent teaching staff and very supportive facilities led me to become a responsible and competent ASN within the Ministry of Health (Poltekkes Kemenkes Maluku) I hope that in the future IIK BW can produce more competent & superior health workers. Long live my alma mater

Testimonial 2

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Name:Suwarsi, S.ST., M.Kes
Graduation Year:2013
Work Experience:Regional Health Lab
Work Position:Head of lab

I am happy to be able to study at IIK Bhakta. The lecturers are kind, and the campus environment is comfortable. From studying D4 TLM at IIK Bhakta, I have now become the Head of the City Health Laboratory in Kediri. I hope IIK Bhakta continues to be the best campus in the future.

Testimonial 3

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Name:Akhmad Megantoro, S.Tr.Kes
Work Experience:RSGM UNEJ
Work Position:First-level Health Laboratory Technician

I feel happy and proud to pursue education at IIK Bhakta. Studying at IIK Bhakta is very comfortable because the environment supports learning, and the campus facilities are complete and modern. The faculty members are always ready to assist students facing difficulties. There are many young lecturers, making the learning system easily accepted by Generation Z. Students are encouraged to organize both internal and external campus activities. Thanks to the support from the program, I once served as the Chairman of the Association of Medical Laboratory Technology Students in East Java. Through this organization, I was able to hone my skills, expand my knowledge and network, which had a significant impact on my career after graduation. I graduated in 2020, and immediately entered the workforce after graduation.