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S1 Psychology

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The Bachelor of Psychology program at the Bhakti Wiyata Institute of Health Sciences (IIK Bhakta) was established in 2022 under the Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia Decree No. 555/E/O/2022. The establishment of the Bachelor of Psychology program as the 22nd program at IIK Bhakta demonstrates that this first health institute in Indonesia always focuses on the effort to provide high-quality healthcare professionals. Psychology is one of the fields of study that plays a role in healthcare. The Bachelor of Psychology program at IIK Bhakta excels in the field of health psychology.

Health Psychology is a discipline that studies how psychological factors influence maintaining a healthy condition and when experiencing illness. The strength of the Bachelor of Psychology program at IIK Bhakta lies in health psychology, as it is expected to produce graduates who excel as psychology professionals in the healthcare service industry and enhance the quality of healthcare services. The combination of Psychology and Health Sciences is still relatively uncommon in Indonesia. In the delivery of education and the implementation of the Higher Education Tridharma (education, research, and community service), the Bachelor of Psychology program at IIK Bhakta collaborates with the Indonesian Psychological Association (HIMPSI), the Association of Indonesian Psychology Higher Education Providers (AP2TPI), various healthcare facilities, and the world of work and industry to ensure the successful implementation of the Independent Learning curriculum.

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