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S1 Nutrition

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S1 Nutrition

The establishment of a new S1 Nutrition Study Program at the Institut Ilmu Kesehatan Bhakti Wiyata (IIK Bhakta) shows that the first health institute in Indonesia has always been focused on providing quality health workers.

As the first S1 Nutrition Study Program in Kediri, the S1 Nutrition Study Program focuses on Clinical Nutrition based on degenerative diseases. The S1 Nutrition study program is expected to be able to meet the shortage of nutritionists and reduce the number of degenerative diseases in Indonesia.

By using a curriculum based on the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework, IIK Bhakta Nutrition Study Program is committed to producing reliable nutrition workers in nutrition research, community service, and nutritional institutional development.


Career Opportunities:

  1. Nutritionist in health institutions;
  2. Researchers in the field of food and nutrition;
  3. Academics in government or private agencies;
  4. Entrepreneurship in the culinary and nutrition sector, such as catering;
  5. NGOs in the field of nutrition, both at national and international levels;
  6. Manager, Quality Control (QC), quality assurance, nutrition representatives in the food and beverage industry;
  7. Nutrition consultant;
  8. Nutrition coach for athletes;
  9. Research and Development in the Food Industry;
  10. Nutrition influencer;
  11. Government agencies such as the Health Office and the National Agency of Drug and Food Control.

Achievement of S1 Nutrition

Nutrition Science Undergraduate Student Wins 1st Place in the Menu Innovation Competition for the Tempe Category for Contemporary Snacks at the National Level, Thursday (10/06/2021).