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Rector of IIK Bhakta Time after Time

Foto Rektor IIK Bhakta

Rector of IIK Bhakta

Prof. Dr. apt. Muhamad Zainuddin


Name of Qualification : Prof, Dr, Apt
University : Universitas Airlangga, ITB
Graduation Year : 1972 (Bachelor of Pharmacy), 1974 (Pharmacist), 1982 (Doctorate), 2000 (Professor)
Previous Position : Vice Rector I Academic Affairs at Universitas Airlangga
Academic Organization :
To further learn the Profile of the Rector of IIK Bhakta, kindly read the article entitled Getting to Know the Rector of IIK Bhakta whose principle is "Narimo ing Pandum."
Foto Rektor IIK Bhakta

Rector of IIK Bhakta for 2014-2017 Period

drg. R.P Bambang Noerjanto, MS., Sp.RKG.


Name of Qualification : drg., MS., Sp.RKG.
University : Universitas Airlangga
Graduation Year : 1976 (Dentist), 1986 (Masters in Medical Sciences), 2004 (Dental Radiology Specialist, Indonesian Dental Collegium Assembly)
Previous Position : PD3 FKG UNAIR (2002)
Academic Organization : Member of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI)
Foto Rektor IIK Bhakta

Rector of IIK Bhakta for 2006-2014 Period

dr. Tarbinoe Kasmono, Ph.D


Name of Qualification : dr., Ph.D
University : Universitas Airlangga, Mahidol University,
Graduation Year : 1967 (Doctor), 1982 (Masters of Public Health)
Previous Position : Head of East Java Province Health Service (1999-2003)
Academic Organization : Member of Indonesian Medical Association (IDI)