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International Research and Collaboration

IIK Bhakta foreign cooperation country.
Yunnan University Management and Sains University Malaysia Bhaosan University University Collage of MAIWP International (UCMI) RUDN University Tomsk State University MAHSA University Lembaga Pemerintahan Departemen Kesehatan Timor Leste Itoman Nursing Home Japan Supertext

The Institution / University that in collaboration with IIK Bhakti Wiyata

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Domestic Research and Collaboration

Domestic Research and Collaboration
National Hospital RS Islam Aminah Blitar RS Ortopedi Prof. Dr. R. Soeharso RSUD dr. Iskak Tulungagung
21 22 23 24 25 Universitas Airlangga PPTII 27

To find out the complete list and parties that are collaborating with IIK Bhakta. Please download the following files.

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*and many other Institution