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HIMA is a student official body that operates under the auspices of the Faculty BEM and is guided by the head of the study program. They make events related to study programs ranging from academic, social, interests and talents. HIMA members are required to have academic integrity and exemplary behavior consisting of a number of students from the same department.

Struktur Organisasi Periode 2020-2021

Commite Settering: 

Putri Uqi Jannah


Moh. Fajar Amin

Sekertaris: Dyah Palupi

Bendahara: Rahma Lutfi Irvani

Dep. Olahraga: Muchammad Faid Yuliansyah

Dep. Humas: Syaharuddin

Dep. Agama: Achmad Farchan Yusuf

Dep Kominfo: Dinda Habiba Sholehah

Dep Danus: Febi Nur Fatmawati

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