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HIMA is a student official body that operates under the auspices of the Faculty BEM and is guided by the head of the study program. They make events related to study programs ranging from academic, social, interests and talents. HIMA members are required to have academic integrity and exemplary behavior consisting of a number of students from the same department.

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Students’ Association of D3 Physiotherapy was established in 2005. Routine work programs carried out by this Association include Family Gathering, LKMM (Student Management Leadership Training), Counseling, Social Service, Gymnastics and Seminars.


Organizational Structure in 2020-2021 period


Moch.Abbad Zein.S

Vice chairman:

Reza Febriansyah


Eri Yufa Febriantika


Ike Rahmawati

Internal Department:

Yudha Satria Husada

Eksternal Department:

Dafa Paksi Kirana

Communication and Information department:

Yohan Kristian Prima

Departmen Prodanus:

Afdhan Tegar Nugroho

PSDM Department:

  1. Mahalya Ilham Ramadhan
  2. Moch Faiz Anasta
  3. Iqbal Aprian Santoso
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