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This is the most important moment in your life, the first step that will determine your future success. IIK Bhakti Wiyata is aware that you are hanging your dream with us, so in order to realize that dream, we wholeheartedly create a campus with the best teaching facilities and systems for quality education that you will live while studying at IIK Bhakti Wiyata. Let's pick up your success with us.


IIK Bhakta Update

During the current Pandemic COVID-19, IIK Bhakta facilitates prospective students to be able to obtain information about study programs available through the "Online Consultation" program. This program also supports the government's call for physical distancing by continuing to #DiRumahSaja.

Online Consultation Schedule

Days : Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
At : 10:00-11:00 WIB

Online Consultation of IIK Bhakti Wiyata Students

Procedure for Online Consultation

Consultation via Desktop / Mobile

  1. Set up free time on the schedule of ongoing online consultations
  2. Prepare a headset / headphones
  3. Make sure the quality of the internet signal is in good condition
  4. Open a browser and type the link www.iik.ac.id/liveconsultation
  5. You will be connected automatically on the consultation video platform
  6. Please ask about registration info

If you still have questions about registration that you want to ask or want to consult privately, you can contact:
Official Whatsapp Registration Number of IIK Bhakta: 0857 1717 1735

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