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D4 Medical Laboratory Technology

Header Info D4 Medical Laboratory Technology


  1. Preparing the patient for specialized and sophisticated laboratory examinations.
  2. Taking, handling, and assessing the quality of laboratory specimens for special and sophisticated examination.
  3. Detecting early irregularities in the examination process in the laboratory.
  4. Assessing the results of the feasibility test for devices, methods, and reagent materials (the current and the latest).
  5. Conducting examinations in the fields of clinical chemistry (hematology, biochemistry, immunology, immunohematology), microbiology (bacteriology, parasitology, mycology, virology), molecular diagnostics, medical biology, histotechnology,  cytotechnology, cytogenetics, and clinical toxicology according to their expertise.
  6. Making a report on the results of laboratory examinations according to their area of expertise.
  7. Performing analytical validation of laboratory examination results.
  8. Planning, evaluating, and following up on laboratory quality assurance programs (internal and external).
  9. Planning and evaluating occupational health and safety programs in the laboratory.
  10. Planning, implementing and evaluating laboratory standardization programs.
  11. Providing analytical information on the results of specialized and sophisticated laboratory tests.
  12. Assisting clinicians in using laboratory data effectively and efficiently.
  13. Planning, implementing, organizing, and evaluating laboratory activities.
  14. Guiding and fostering medical laboratory technology intermediate experts in the field of collaboratories engineering.