Getting to Know the Medical Laboratory Technology Expert: Health Heroes in the Middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Getting to Know the Medical Laboratory Technology Expert: Health Heroes in the Middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic

15 Apr 2020 15:19 by Rizki Aprilia

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Friends, are you still unfamiliar with the health analyst profession? You often meet this profession when visiting hospital laboratories or health clinics. They are a laboratory assistant who often takes blood samples, urine tests and so on. Well, the laboratory assistant is a Medical Laboratory Technology Expert (ATLM). These health workers come from the D3 Medical Laboratory Technology (D3 TLM) study program. As one of the study programs in IIK BW, graduates of this study program have an important role as one of the health workers, especially in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic that struck our country.

Are you interested in getting to know D3 Medical Laboratory Technology better? If the answer is Yes, let's read more about D3 Medical Laboratory Technology Study Program.

What are you going to learn in D3 TLM IIK BW study program?

D3 TLM Study Program is one of the medical science families. In this study program you will learn about human body fluids such as blood, urine, feces, sputum (phlegm), even cerebro spinal liquor (brain fluid) and others related to pathology or diseases that arise in humans.

An example of this is the case, when a PDP COVID-19 patient comes to the laboratory to do an examination, his blood will be taken and further tests conducted by a D3 TLM graduate. Certainly in the midst of an outbreak of COVID-19, it was these D3 TLM graduates who would examine the throat swab of the suspect Corona patient. Although the role is not visible, this D3 TLM graduate assignment is very noble, you know!

What are the opportunities for D3 TLM IIK BW graduates?

The task of an ATLM who deals directly with the sample makes D3 TLM graduates easily absorbed in various sectors such as the medical industry, health factories, environmental analysts, health centers, hospitals, clinical laboratories, BBLK, calibration centers, to forensic analysts. Don't worry, with the competency it has, an ATLM can continue to a higher level in the fields of biology and medicine, you know!


D3 TLM graduates are a noble profession The duty of an ATLM is the task of humanity. Although not as famous as Doctors or Nurses, D3 TLM graduates become a central role in handling COVID-19 cases. Without examinations carried out by D3 TLM graduates, further actions cannot be taken by doctors and nurses. It's cool to be a D3 TLM graduate! Relationship of D3 TLM graduates with other health workers. ATLM certainly has a close family relationship with doctors, nurses and patients. An ATLM will be proud if the lab results can be useful for successful treatment so that patients can recover and go home. Experience and dynamic work environment for D3 TLM graduates Rapid changes in the world of pathogens such as the emergence of the COVID-19 virus make ATLM required to be accurate in examining the results of swabs. Therefore, being an ATLM requires an attitude of responsibility, meticulous and thorough. For ATLM when on duty will find cases such as incompatibility of laboratory results with the theory, but behind it there are many new lessons and knowledge that are useful for ATLM and the world of health. The benefits gained become D3 TLM graduates In addition to the ideal daughter-in-law, a D3 TLM graduate can immediately become an ATLM who is at the forefront in handling COVID-19 cases in Indonesia along with other health workers such as doctors and nurses. Friends interested in becoming a Medical Laboratory Technology Expert (ATLM) and becoming the next Health Hero? Let's time to register yourself in D3 IIK BW Medical Laboratory Technology Study Program!