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Faculty of Health

History of the Faculty

The history of the establishment of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Institut Ilmu Kesehatan Bhakti Wiyata Kediri, began with the issuance of an operational permit from the Directorate General of Higher Education under number: 139 / D / O / 2005 in September 2005. Initially, the Faculty of Health Sciences was named the Faculty of Public Health which was in charge of 6 study programs, namely S1 Public Health, S1 Nursing, D4 Health Analyst, D3 Health Analyst, D3 Recording, D3 Medical Record and Health Information, and D3 Physiotherapy. Then, new study programs were formed, namely D4 Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2007 and D3 Midwifery in 2009. Starting in November 2014, the Faculty of Public Health changed its name to the Faculty of Health Sciences with Decree Number: 06A/IIK-BW/KEP/R/XI/2014. Based on the Rector’s Decree number 74/IIK-BW/Kep/R/IX/2017, The D3 and D4 Health Analyst study programs were transferred to the Faculty of Science Technology and Analisis. In 2018, the Faculty of Health Sciences added new study programs namely S1 Nutrition and S1 Hospital Administration. Thus, currently, the Faculty of Health Sciences oversees 9 study programs consisting of D3 Physiotherapy, D3 Midwifery, D3 Medical Records and Health Information, D4 Traditional Chinese Medicine, S1 Public Health, S1 Nursing, Nurse Professional Education, S1 Nutrition, and S1 Hospital Administration.