Developing Intercontinental Medicine in Indonesia, IIK BW and Professional Organization PPTII Establish Collaboration

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Developing Intercontinental Medicine in Indonesia, IIK BW and Professional Organization PPTII Establish Collaboration

5 Oct 2020 17:02 by Rizki Aprilia

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The signing of the MoU and MoA between IIK BW and the professional organization of the Indonesian Intercontinental Traditional Medicine Society (PPTII) took place via zoom on Saturday, October 3, 2020. In this event, a symbolic signing of a collaboration script was carried out by the Rector of IIK BW, Prof. Dr. Muhamad Zainuddin, Apt and Mrs. Hafna Rosyita B.MED., M.MED as chairman of the PPTII Professional Organization and witnessed by several PPTII administrators, the Dean of the IIK BW Health Faculty, and the Head of D4 Study Program of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The agreed fields of cooperation include curriculum development, joint research, dispatch of practitioners as lecturers, distribution of graduates and other activities.Collaboration with PPTII is closely related to the existence of the D4 Traditional Chinese Medicine (D4 PTT) study program at IIK BW. In Indonesia, there are currently only 2 study programs that have received recognition from the Ministry of Health, and IIK BW is the first to be.This collaboration is a strategic step, where currently the presence of professional organizations has become part of the world of education. Like two faces of a currency that cannot be separated but can be distinguished.The PPTII professional organization is very important for IIK BW because of competency exams, curriculum preparation for students must be made together with the Professional Organization (OP). OP is also the guardian of the morale, ethics and professionalism of college graduates.In his remarks Prof. Dr. Muhamad Zainuddin, Apt said "I consider this agenda very important, this MoU is a long story before, I am very grateful to my fellow PPTII colleagues who are very concerned and play an extraordinary role in achieving the goal of the establishment of this Professional Organization in Indonesia".On the other hand, Hafna Rosyita B.MED., M.MED as the head of the PPTI Professional Organization hopes that traditional medicine can develop, conduct joint research and development.


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