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D3 Physiotherapy

Header Info D3 Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a discipline that develops, improves, and maintains the movement and functional abilities of the human body throughout the individual's lifespan, using both tools and manual techniques.

Physiotherapy is a professional healthcare effort that is responsible for the physical and functional health of individuals, families, and communities. It is conducted in a targeted and problem-oriented manner, using a scientific approach and guided by professional ethics.

Why Study this Study Program at IIK Bhakta?

Located strategically in East Java, IIK Bhakta has established collaborations with various hospitals in East Java and Central Java. It provides adequate facilities and infrastructure, affordable tuition fees, produces high-quality graduates, has well-equipped laboratories, air-conditioned classrooms, and offers additional skills in acupuncture and acupressure.

Future Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Physiotherapy D3 program have various job opportunities. The majority of graduates work as:

  1. Civil servants (PNS) in hospitals or health centers.
  2. Physiotherapists in private hospitals.
  3. Physiotherapists in healthcare clinics.
  4. Therapists in fitness clubs/sports clubs.
  5. Therapists in beauty care centers (salons and spas).
  6. Independent practitioners.
  7. Home visit therapists.
  8. Developmental clinics.
  9. Pursuing further education at a higher level.



Achievement of D3 Physiotherapy

The D3 Physiotherapy study program student, Mulyani Dwi Atmojo, won 3rd place in the Male Category in the Pencak Silat UNP CUP event at the PGRI University of Kediri.

D3 Physiotherapy student represented by Mohammad Ainurrahman Won 1st Place in the 2018 High Ollie Skateboard Competition in Sumenep, Madura.

Elkana Gary Sayo, D3 Physiotherapy Study Program Student Won 1st Place in the 2018 Kediri City Traffic Ambassador.