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D3 Food and Pharmaceutical Analyses

Header Info D3 Food and Pharmaceutical Analyses


In an effort to improve human resources and meet market needs in the field of pharmaceutical and food analysis intermediate experts, D3 Pharmaceutical and Food Analysis  was established in 1993 based on the Decree of the Minister of Health No. HK. regarding the license to operate the academy for pharmaceutical and food analysis for the service of Bhakti Wiyata Kediri. It then renewed its license on September 27, 2005 with the Decree No 139 / D / O / 2005 with a new name changing from the Academy of Pharmaceutical and Food Analysis (AKAFARMA) to D3 Pharmaceutical and Food Analysis (D3 ANAFARMA) joined under the Faculty of Pharmacy at the IIK Bhakti Wiyata Kediri until 2017.

Based on the decree of the Rector of IIK-BW Kediri No: 58 A / IIK-BW / KEP / R / VIII / 2017 concerning changes in faculty names and grouping of IIK-BW Kediri study programs. Since 24 August 2017, observing the results of the IIK-BW Kediri senate meeting. D3 Pharmaceutical and Food Analysis study program under the Faculty of Science, Technology and Analysis.

D3 Pharmaceutical and Food Analysis (D3 Anafarma) IIK Bhakti Wiyata Kediri is a higher education level Diploma in Health program, which is organized with the aim at:

1. Producing superior and competent pharmaceutical technical personnel in the field of traditional medicine analysis.

2. Producing a basic and applied research in the field of traditional medicine analysis to support the development of education and community services.

3. Generating a community service based on expertise in the field of traditional medicine analysis to empower and improve the quality of life and public health.

4. Producing study programs that are efficient and effective in achieving goals based on quality assurance systems and integrated information system management by upholding the PLUS culture (excellent in service, noble in character, excellent in work, and prosperous in living together)

This study program is accredited based on the Decree of the Head of Health Personnel Education Centre, Ministry of Health No. HK. 06.01 / IV / 3/00362/2010 for 5 years ahead This study program was re-accredited in 2015. This study program was accredited based on the Decree of the Association of Indonesian Higher Education Health Education Independent Accreditation Institutions (PERKUMPULAN LAM-PT Kes) No: 0162 / LAM-PTKes / Akr / Dip / XI / 2015. The study period of this study program is taken for 3 years with a total number of credits (Semester Credit System) with 120 credits maximum.

D3 Pharmaceutical and Food Analysis is a Diploma 3 education level with the title of Associate Health Analyst (A.Md.Kes) which aims at producing skilled, dedicated, qualified Associate Analysts so that graduates are able to enter the world of work as quality control laboratory (QC) personnel, Research and Development Laboratory (R&D) in the medicine, traditional medicine, cosmetics, food and beverage health equipment industries, and as an analyst in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industry Laboratory at BPOM and the Standardization Institute.

Achievement of D3 Food and Pharmaceutical Analyses