Emil Dardak Said that IIK Bhakta is Awesome Campus in the Mataraman Region

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Emil Dardak Said that IIK Bhakta is Awesome Campus in the Mataraman Region

28 Feb 2024 11:57 by Ridwan

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Mr. H. Emil Elestianto Dardak, B.Bus., M.Sc., Ph.D., or affectionately known as Mr. Emil, along with his wife, Mrs. Hj. Arumi Bachsin, S.E., visited the campus of Bhakti Wiyata Health Science Institute (IIK Bhakta), on Tuesday (27/02). The arrival of this important figure from East Java was warmly welcomed by the entire academic community of IIK Bhakta.

The event was also attended by the Founder of the Bhakti Wiyata Foundation, Dr. Bambang Harsono Suhartono, M.B.A., along with Mrs. Dra. Ec. Lianawati Tjokrohartono, M.B.A., Executive Chairman of the IIK Bhakti Wiyata Foundation, Dr. David Raditya Soehartono, B.Comm., M.B.A., and other officials of the Bhakti Wiyata Foundation. At exactly 10:00 AM, Mr. Emil and Mrs. Arumi arrived and were immediately invited to take a campus tour with the Rector of IIK Bhakti Wiyata, Prof. Dr. apt. Muhammad Zainuddin, and his team.

The campus tour began at the digital anatomy laboratory. They were impressed by the modern laboratory facilities there, such as the anatomy table owned by IIK Bhakti Wiyata. The campus tour route continued to the sterile pharmacy laboratory and the health laboratory. They were also amazed to see the live mannequins prepared for the Medical Faculty. In the Traditional Chinese Medicine laboratory, they also learned to concoct traditional Chinese medicine with the lecturers. The campus tour continued to the 5th floor, namely the Dental Simulator Laboratory. In this laboratory, they greeted Dentistry undergraduate students who were practicing making dentures there. This laboratory has been equipped with 99 Dental Simulators for student practice.

From the 5th floor, the campus tour proceeded to the Adipadma Library on the 4th floor. In the library, Mrs. Arumi was welcomed by Mr. Miss IIK Bhakta, which was followed by a discussion session about campus life at IIK Bhakta. The students were amazed to see the beautiful and very humble figure of Mrs. Arumi. She appeared friendly in discussing and taking photos with the students. Mr. Emil's figure was equally impressive. He was very authoritative, knowledgeable, and very friendly. It's no wonder many students and staff also wanted to shake hands and take photos with him.

While at the Adipadma Library, they also tried the 360-degree virtual technology to explore IIK Bhakta visually. They were amazed to see the modern and complete facilities at IIK Bhakta. These excellent facilities are a manifestation of IIK Bhakti Wiyata's commitment to becoming a quality campus in Kediri.

After leaving the Adipadma Library, Mr. Emil and Mrs. Arumi went straight to the Bhakta Hall to welcome 1000 IIK Bhakta students who were ready to attend the Talkshow themed "Harmony in Balancing Career, Family, and Health Towards a Healthier Indonesia." During the talk show, Mr. Emil expressed his impression after the campus tour, "As I traveled around the Mataraman region, I am pleased to find a campus here that, in my opinion, is perhaps the coolest campus I have ever visited, and what makes me even happier is its focus on health sciences." He highly appreciated health graduates because healthcare professionals are still in high demand in healthcare facilities. "And what I see at IIK Bhakta campus is not only educating people to find jobs, but also to understand technology and be digitally literate," Mr. Emil said in the middle of the talk show.

In the discussion of the talk show, Mr. Emil and Mrs. Arumi shared many tips for balancing career, family, and health. According to them, "It must indeed be made time for amidst busyness and must be enforced. Sometimes I make time to come home for lunch to meet my children to maintain good communication within the family," said Mr. Emil. In addition, various health issues were also discussed in this talk show such as preventive efforts to prevent degenerative diseases that can be prevented by maintaining a balanced diet, minimizing stunting rates in Indonesia, and adopting Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS) even though the Covid pandemic has ended.

At the end of the talk show, the moderator also asked Mr. Emil to lend his distinctive voice to sing together on the Bhakta Hall stage accompanied by Mrs. Arumi and representatives of the Bhakti Wiyata Foundation along with the Rector and his team. The event was lively as all the audience sang along with Mr. Emil and Mrs. Arumi.

After that, the event concluded with the presentation of certificates and souvenirs from IIK Bhakti Wiyata to Mr. Emil and Mrs. Arumi. "This talk show is very memorable for me because from the beginning I have idolized Mr. Emil and Mrs. Arumi very much. Thank you to IIK Bhakti Wiyata for inviting Mr. Emil and Mrs. Arumi to the campus. Attending IIK Bhakta is a bonus to meet Mr. Emil!" exclaimed one of the IIK Bhakta students encountered after the event.


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